Nias Island Project


On behalf of Spring Grace Management Inc, we are much pleased to announce that our subsidiary, THELAND Private Limited Singapore, has entered into Agreement with Central Nias Government on February 21, 2017 in Singapore. THELAND shall exclusively develop and management the THELAND ECONOMY DEVELOPMENT ZONE of 102 Square Kilometers for 30 years plus optional 30 years.
THELAND has exclusive rights to command its overseas experts, partners, investors, and NGOs to develop and execute all projects and programs required. Development Projects shall include but not limited to below:


  • Fishery development

  • Agriculture including vegetables, and fruit trees development

  • Forestry and wood processing development

  • Processing industry development of various trade

  • Resort, hotel, recreation, tourism, warehousing, and township development

  • College of fishery, agriculture, forestry, hospitality, and international languages, including setting up the education, sports, and convention center facilities

  • To develop green energy engineering capabilities and geothermal power generation

  • To help local communities establish overseas connections and bring overseas resources in community economy, social, and cultural development in Cental Nias

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  • NIAS Island has an area of less than 6,000 square kilometers and is situated west of Sumatra. It belongs to North Sumatra Province with four counties and one city. The GDP is at US$1,200 with a population of 750,000. Since 90% population are Christian, the local are quite close to the mindset of the westerners and not difficult to get along with.
  • Comparing to Sumatra Island of 470,000 square kilometers, 60 million population, and the GDP of US$5,000, the labor force in NIAS is just perfect to be utilized as the back garden support to the consumption needs of Sumatra market, provided economy master plan is correctly designed and implemented for NIAS.
  • Furthermore, due to its natural beauty un-spoilt from lowest industrialization and the pollution, the tourism is of great potential to NIAS, especially it is just 750 kilometers away from Singapore, and with diving and surfing of world class quality.
  • Fortunately, the local Government has received budget from the Central Government to lengthen the airport runway. In no time jet flight carrying hundreds of tourists per flight shall bring tourism to a new height.
  • THELAND as a very diverse single source resourceful group with extremely open architecture, we have almost all know-how to help NIAS reaching their goal during this golden era in the next three decades.

Executive Summary

  • The NIAS Projects are excellently put together, we are looking at 100 projects and investments to be landed in NIAS in 13 industries through our professional development with strategic business partners around the globe in 10-15 years.
  • The NIAS Projects shall commence with fishery vegetables farming, and fruit trees planting. The total investment of less than US$1 million, shall yield numerous folds of return in just 10 years.

Development Phase

  • The Nias Projects, when successful in fishery growing, vegetables farming, and fruit trees planting, we forecast an annual net profit of US$2 million shall be generated from 2020 onward. Sales revenue shall reach US$10 million.
  • By 2020, the Nias Projects will have provided 2,000 employment each at US$3,000 or US$6,000,000 in total per year to local community.
  • From 2021 onward, the Group shall be ready for public housing project, and our employee shall be entitled to purchase due to their legitimate working histroy with credit built up through THELAND.

Matured Phase

  • We plan to use NTUC Singapore system and other first grade community development system, cored in co-operative concept from the West, to make NIAS population of 750,000 as a people group.
  • We plan to build public and private facilities for NIAS people, including hot spring spa pools, villas, botanic gardens, camping ground, trails of all kinds, swimming pools, foreign colleges, convention center, restaurant chains, supermarket chains, clinic chains, and so on.
  • The Group is aiming the GDP of NIAS will grow from US$1,200 to US$3,600 in 2030, 12 years from 2017, at a compound growth rate of 10%.