Spring Grace Management Inc

Spring Grace Management has invested in Asia with tens of startup companies by way of our Angel Fund Debt Financing Program through convertible loan agreements under international financial industry practice.

There are currently two promising startup companies ready to solicit outside funds



Zilion is a startup company incorporated in Singapore involved in sustainable fishery products and export business for the North American market. It has strategic partners in Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan providing aquaculture fishery breeding, processing and exporting.

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Nias Island Project

Nias Island has an area of less than 6,000 square kilometers and is situated west of Sumatra and 750 kilometers away from Singapore. It belongs to North Sumatra Province of Indonesia, with four counties and one city. Due to its natural pristine beauty and large swaths of land, both agriculture and tourism industry has tremendous potential. Projects in Nias Island will begin with fishery, vegetables farming, fruit trees planting with an investment currently less than US$1 million. We plan to build public and private facilities for the Nias people, including hot spring spa pools, villas, botanic gardens, camping ground, trails of all kinds, swimming pools, foreign colleges, convention center, restaurant chains, supermarket chains, and clinic chains.

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Spring Grace: Who are we?

Spring Grace Management Inc is a leading private boutique investment and management firm in the province of British Columbia, Canada

Spring Grace Management Inc has been advising startup companies in company development strategies, bottom line models, fund raising, sales and marketing programs and initial public offerings in Asia for over a decade.

We are also involved with land leasing, procurement and development in Taiwan and South East Asia, and also various high-tech project development with the exception of the bio-medical and pharmaceutical fields.


Spring Grace Management Inc has been incorporated in the province of British Columbia, Canada since May 1, 2007.

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Founders & Partners


Ehud Lee

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer - Vancouver

Ehud Lee has built up many enterprises and businesses around the globe in his past three decades of professional experience in booth high-tech and corporate finance. He started his career by joining two Fortune 500 companies in the US.

Samuel Guok

Co-Chairman-Board of Governors - Singapore

Mr. Samuel Guok is the Co-Chairman on the Board of Governors for Spring Grace. He oversees all project and property development from feasibility, study, design, finance, project management, completion, and implementation.

Kelvin Ng

Vice Chairman, Senior partner & Board of Advisors - Singapore

Kelvin Ng is the Chairman of the Board of Advisors. He works with different advisors on all projects to produce sound yet innovative business plans for projects that the Group is determined to invest.

Stella Wei

Head Corporate Social Worker - Vancouver

Stella is helping the Group in developing social and charitable projects with various international foundations, and helping ensure the office in Vancouver is running smoothly.

We Invite You to Work With Us


Project Investors

We invite international accredited investors to contact us for potentially good project investment. Each investment quantum is limited to US$100,000 per entity.


Project Founders

We invite project founders in North America and Asia (except China) to contact us for eligibility evaluation of your project(s) utilizing Spring Grace’s Angel Fund Debt Financing Program for your initial stage project(s) funding.


Strategic Partners

We invite strategic partners who are in the consulting industry for 15 years and above, in the various trades of finance, merger and acquisition, architectural and merchandise design, sales and marketing to get in touch with us. Priority is given to territories in EU, Singapore, and Indonesia.